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                        Beijing SUPER Hydraulic CO.,Ltd.Is a collection Branch, workers, trade as one of the specialized companies, specialized in hydraulic machinery and electronic products design, production and services, provide a full range of control products, technology and application of solutions and services. The company has strong technology development strength, has a group of senior industry experts as senior consultant. With a high-quality product development, technical support, production, installation and after sale service team, not only has a strong scientific research strength, but also has a rich experience. The company closely rely on talent and technological advantages, to provide users with advanced products and quality services.

                        With the scientific management, to create first-class hydraulic brand, dedicated to the world's most advanced hydraulic mechanical control system technology, applied to various fields of the national economy, including black metallurgy, nonferrous metallurgy, aviation, railway, machine tools and other equipment. To provide users with a high level of technical design, high quality hydraulic products, timely customer service service. Company factory located in Beijing Daxing District Town Industrial Development Zone, and Daxing District Huang Gui Village Industrial Park, the company has more than 120 employees,30 engineering and technical personnel. The company by the United States National Accreditation Committee ( ANSI-RAB ) ISO 9001:2000 quality management system certification standards.

                        Company aim: to pay attention to quality and strict adherence to the credibility of the supremacy of science and technology services

                        The main products of the company

                        Hydraulic cylinder: CD250 series, CD350 series, C25 series, Y-HG1 series, HSG series, DG series, SDG series, light rod hydraulic cylinder series, various types of non-standard hydraulic cylinder

                        Hydraulic complete sets of equipment: hydraulic servo system, blast furnace mud gun opening machine hydraulic system, hydraulic system of electric arc furnace, continuous casting machine hydraulic system of tower crane, hydraulic system, hydraulic system of train wheelset detection, hydraulic grab, electro-hydraulic putt, hydraulic power pack

                        The various types of standard and non-standard mechatronics equipment

                        The agent of imported hydraulic components: Germany REXROTH, BOSCH, HYDAC, STAUFF; the United States of America VICKERS, PARKER, MOOG, PALL ATOS YUKEN; Italy; Japan

                        The various hydraulic valves, hydraulic pumps, hydraulic motors, hydraulic Annex

                        The professional repair of all types of imported servo valve, proportional valve, hydraulic pump

                        Industrial electrical control cabinet

                        The development, design all kinds of hydraulic systems, hydraulic technology design consulting services

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                        Address  :Huangcun Town,Daxing district Beijing 102600,China



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